Living in a world where social media is taking over the marketing industry, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep afloat the ever-changing waves of social media trends.

Social Sugar has decided to compose our three top hashtag tips on how to keep your social pages up to date without going overboard!


Who remembers the days when hashtags were used for fun because no one really understood the purpose of them apart from it being ‘trendy’? Well, hashtags are still trending and can play a huge role in your social media strategy!


People often make three mistakes when it comes to using hashtags; they either use irrelevant hashtags, too many hashtags for the platform or no hashtags at all. We will break down the three main mistakes and how to resolve them!



Many people don’t use hashtags because they don’t understand what they are for. Using hashtags simply broadens your audience spectrum, including them in your posts enables people interested in your content to find your page. Often, small businesses don’t use hashtags and wonder why they have no engagement. People often search for topics, conversations and events, so using them is highly beneficial in promoting your business and services. Businesses everywhere are using hashtags to boost engagement and growth.



Make sure to use relevant hashtags on your posts and be specific! You are not the only hairdresser, café or crafts shop in your city, let alone in England. Adding specific hashtags relevant to your account and posts will aid the engagement rate on your account. Using less popular hashtags means your content has more chance of being noticed. For example, if you are a café based in Manchester and use #Cafe you’re competing against 40.9M posts, whereas #ManchesterCafe means you are only competing against 1,205 posts. Be more specific and your content will go further.



Each platform is different in terms of algorithms which results in people becoming confused and lost when their content isn’t getting any engagement.


When posting to Facebook, we suggest you use two to three hashtags (remember to be specific.) Whether it’s posting to your profile or to a page, using strategic hashtags will create more interactions on your content and direct people to the right post, page or event.


Twitter is similar to Facebook. Social Sugar recommends between four to five hashtags on your tweets to make posts and conversations connected around the same topic easier to find and search. Make sure to hop on the band wagon with trending hashtags on Twitter, as many users like to search through the daily trending hashtags. When writing your tweet, simply type your hashtag in to see how many people have used that exact one on the day!


Instagram is a funny little thing which has now taken off and is becoming the most popular social media platform for businesses. Statistics suggest that 80% of all users on Instagram follow at least one business account and 60% of all Instagram users visit the platform daily (source: Social Pilot). Similar to Twitter, you can view how many people have used this hashtag all together. The best part is that Instagram will recommend posts to you based on the hashtags you follow and the posts you like containing specific hashtags. A recommended number of hashtags to use for Instagram is 15! Yes 15! So go mad and use all the relevant hashtags specific to the post you have created, as well as the more generic ones specific to your business.


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