Pop in to our pink-walled office any day of the week and you’ll find this lovely lot working away at their desks, brainstorming from the beanbag area, or getting their sugar fix at the biscuit tin in the kitchen.

Lara - Managing Director

Lara has been in the PR industry for over 25 years. She set up boutique social media & PR agency Social Sugar in Feb 2016 & she lives and breathes all things digital. Strategy, content creation & brand development are her favorite daily fodder. Lara has been an active global social influencer for three years. In her spare time, she posts daily onto her own social media channels with 48K+ followers on Facebook & 30K+ followers on Twitter. She is currently building up her Instagram channel of 1.5K+.

Tom - GDPR Director

Tom Hayes has more than 30 years consultancy experience in IT, Information Governance and Management and Data Protection, including GDPR . He has worked in Financial Services, Health, Environment, Utilities, government, logistics and marketing. This, in the UK, Europe, China and the USA. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and has other formal project management and Data Protection qualifications.

Natalie - Audio Consultant

Natalie specialises in corporate and eLearning work and has voiced projects for global clients including Santander, Shell, Clarks, LinkedIn and Cap Gemini. She has worked in radio as a presenter for Global Radio, hosting shows across the Heart FM network  for over a decade. Natalie has a background in PR, with a BA(Hons) in Public Relations from UCLAN and has experience in consumer and B2B PR.

Jevita - Creative Executive

Jevita has brought her creative to Social Sugar and designs content with a quirky and artistic twist. She also adores photography, to the point where you will find her snapping away at absolutely anything and everything! She loves browsing through social media channels, religiously checking Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. You will always find Jey with a smile on her face and a herbal tea in her hand.

Adam - PR Executive

Adam is a skilled and determined 19 year old, and has recently joined the team straight out of college. With a passion for fashion, Adam has been working on all of our eCommerce brands. He also loves to write, whether it is product descriptions or blog content. You’ll find Adam hard at work behind his macbook.

Rufus - Chief Decision Maker

Social Sugar’s very own Rufus The Rascal is a mischievous ball of fluff. His office duties include lurking under the desks in a mission to find what his next chew toy can be, so be warned to keep all personal belongings out of reach from this adorable rebel. Rufus loves to approve all decisions made at Social Sugar with either a head tilt or wag of his pom-pom like tail. He may be cheeky but you can’t resist his cuddles!