Umming and ahhing over whether to activate the reviews section of your business Facebook page?

Here’s an in-a-nutshell guide to the recent changes that Facebook has made to its reviews sections, the benefits of adding reviews to your page, and tips for making these sections as stellar as possible.

First things first, how has Facebook updated its reviews section?

Over the summer Facebook carried out a series of updates to its business pages. One of the most major tweaks involved its reviews sections.

Essentially it made the changes to make it easier for customers to leave feedback for companies, and to make it a breeze to share that feedback with friends.

Now, instead of leaving out-and-out reviews, customers will be asked in the review section if they would recommend the business.

Customers can answer yes or no. Then they have the opportunity to explain their reasons for this decision.

If clients are short on time, they can simply select from a list of pre-prepared options as to why they liked the business. For example, if the company is a coffee shop Facebook might give customers the option to select ‘open late’ or ‘popular with locals’ as reasons for their recommendation.

Facebook also now highlights, at the top of its recommendations section, which words are used most frequently in the section.

Let’s take the coffee shop as an example again. At the top of the recommendations section, Facebook might explain…

‘Recommended by 137 others. People talk about “chocolate fudge cake”, “mint hot chocolate” and “reusable takeaway cups”.’

The marks out of five rating system has been done away with, too.

What are the benefits of adding recommendations to Facebook?

Buying behaviour

Statistics show that as many as 85 per cent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends.

Homing in on Facebook specifically, the social media site claims that one in three of its users look for recommendations and reviews on a regular basis.

Other independent research, meanwhile, suggests that 70 percent of consumers are more likely to use a business if there are positive reviews on its Facebook page.

Cutting to the chase, launching the recommendations section of your Facebook page could bag you some extra sales.

Search engine optimisation

In 2017 SEO experts Search Engine Land called reviews ‘the most prominent local SEO ranking factor of the year’.

They claimed that “Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor in local search, helping businesses rank well even if they have low quality link profiles.”

How do you add a review button to a Facebook business page?

For starters, you need to make sure your Facebook page is an official business page before you can activate a reviews section.

Facebook offers advice on how to convert a regular page to a business page in its Help section.

You also need to ensure that you have listed your full address on your business page. Until you do that, you won’t be able to activate the reviews section.

Once you’ve got your business page established, with your address added, you can then activate the recommendations section by simply going into the settings area of your page.

How do you get customers to leave Facebook reviews?

Just because you have a recommendations section on your website doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers will use it.

More often than not, they’ll need a little coaxing, a little cheerleading. Here are a few tips on how to do this…

Create cute signage

If you have a bricks and mortar business that your customers visit regularly, you can put little quirky signs up around your store or office to encourage them to recommend you. Try to play with words and use puns to ensure they grab your customers’ attentions.

For example, write something like the following: “Think we’re the bee’s knees? Help us create more of a buzz. Recommend us on Facebook.”

Cheer on check-ins

If you’re a coffee shop, restaurant, or shop, nudge customers into checking-in, too, because Facebook will usually follow up their check-in activity automatically with a little alert asking them to rate their visit.

Get staff on the case

If you have staff like sales assistants, waiters or baristas, make sure they get into the habit of suggesting customers check-in if they’ve enjoyed their experience.

Put the wi-fi to work

It goes without saying that you’ll need to make it easy for customers to access a free Wi-Fi service so that they can check-in and recommend you online.

Keep in touch

In addition, once a customer buys from you for the first time, you can send them a short and timely text or email asking them to recommend you if they were happy with what you delivered.

Continue the conversation

Make sure you respond to every review that’s left on your site. It’s a way of showing both your existing customers and new ones that they matter to you, and it’s a sure fire way of building brand loyalty.

For tailored advice on how to make your business’s Facebook page the best it can be, get in touch with us at Social Sugar.